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Wedding Photo Booths: 5 Reasons why they are a must-have at your wedding reception

If you’re on the fence about hiring a photo booth at your Perth wedding, we’ve got 5 reasons to convince you why you can’t go past this fun and necessary addition to your wedding reception. 

Fun memories 

Want to ensure your wedding isn’t boring? A photo booth hire can solve that problem easily. Your guests will love visiting the photo booth during the wedding reception and taking photos with each other. They’ll enjoy dressing up and using fun props to make lasting memories at your wedding. 

Bridal Party having fun in our booth

Spontaneous memories to keep 

perth photo booth, booth sign
Photo Booth Sign

Your wedding photographer is hired by you to take photos of your wedding day, ceremony and reception. They’ll take photos of your family and friends, the décor, venues, and of course – you and your new spouse. You may even likely have a shot-list which they are set to follow. 

Whilst all this is completely necessary, there’s a whole other element added when you let your guests take their own initiatives with photo-taking in the photo booth. You’ll see some fun and spontaneous shots being made that a wedding photographer may miss with a focus on you. 

Photo Booth keepsakes for your guests 

If you’re stuck for what to give guests as a keepsake from you wedding, a photo strip from a photo booth is perfect. Photo strips can be customised to your wedding, with printed dates and names of the bride and groom. Within 10 seconds of having their photo taken in the booth, your guests will walk away with a tangible thank you gift. Imagine how nice it will be to see wedding guests mingling, sharing, and laughing at the fun photos they have just taken in the photo booth! 

Entertainment for the night 

perth photo booth, bridal party
Bridal party having fun in our booth

Weddings are a gathering for all types of guests, from the young to old, to the shy or outgoing. It’s hard to keep everybody entertained for the night, and in many cases, there will likely be guests seated at their tables the entire night. 

When you hire a photo booth, you give those that are not so interested in the dancing, reception games, and mingling a chance to get up and do something fun. And you give those with short attention spans something else to do too. You’ll be ensuring everyone has a lasting memory of the night and have a bit of fun whilst they’re at it. 

A photo booth stays where it is, and can be visited at any time by guests, ensuring no one gets bored and everyone can have a chance at some fun!

A reliable wedding addition with a Perth photo booth

perth photo booth hire, props
Photo Booth Props

Once the guests are gone and the party is over, you’ll get a USB or web upload with all of the photos taken in the photo booth over the duration of your wedding reception. You can keep these as evidence of all the fun that was had and as a lasting memory of your wedding day. With this you can choose to share images to social media, email guests copies, print them as a spontaneous album, or keep them as a special memory. 

If you’re after the latest in fun, affordable and must-have wedding reception entertainment, contact us at Spoilt Photo Booths to make your Perth photo booth hire booking today.

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